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Ten Reasons to Buy Now

Owning trumps renting any day of the week… Fixed rate mortgages help you lock in stable monthly payments for the full term of your loan. Stability: check. Sense of community: check.  Freedom: check. Uncle Sam is in your corner… the government provides deductions on mortgage interest and property taxes.  Tax breaks sound pretty appealing, don’t […]

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Prominent Zip Codes in Cobb County

I am often asked: “What are the most prominent zip codes in Cobb County?”   Some would be quick to respond based on their current zip code, but I think It Depends.  Prominent is defined as “standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable.” So if you’re looking for an expensive home your best bets in Cobb County would probably be […]

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Staging your house to be sold

First and foremost: a home should be clean and tidy – there is no excuse for breaking this rule. Organization is key – there is a place for everything.  One of my favorite tips is using a tray in your kitchen for any loose documents (eg. mail, bills, coupons). Of course, if you have room, these […]

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